Chew Bao (Vikhroli) Review

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Funky thirst quencher, delicious baos and more at this new restaurant in Mumbai! This is the short description of this place.

Chew Bao, located in Vikhroli, is our new find! as the name suggests, this place specializes in Baos. and Oh Boy! Oh Boy! they are simply the best! Baos are basically steamed and filled buns, usually found in Chinese cuisines. this place serves a variety of baos, and here are a few which we tried:

  1. Better Chicken Bao (Rs 215)

This bao tasted beyond amazing! it had the simply perfect blend of sauces and soft juicy chicken! Any die hard non veg fan would simply swear by this one! one more interesting point about this place has to the quirky dish names! such as the improv of butter chicken to ‘better’ chicken.

2) Paneer Periwala Bao (Rs.175)

Paneer Periwala Bao is a great combination of Paneer and spicy paprika sauce with and Indian twist.  Well marinated paneer + tasty veggies+ yummy sauces = heaven! both the baos tasted undoubtedly amazing and were totally worth for the price being paid.

Apart from the delicious baos, this place also specializes in funky thirst quenchers! some of which caught our eyes were :

  1. Smoked Chass (Rs 95)

This is something that you may not have ever heard of tasted. smoked chass is chass with a unique smell and flavor of tandoor! its different and innovative taste is sure to blow your mind off!

2. Hajmola Shikanji (Rs. 95)

Really tasty and unique combination of two of our favorite classic tastes. This drink is sure to give you major childhood memories when we used to keep poping those hajmola tablets one after another 😛

3. Berry lassi (Rs.115)

Berry lassi has to be one of our favorite amongst all the others. And why would it be? Its a thick lassi with a amazing taste of blue berries infused in it…!

*Size of the above three beverages is of sample amount provided for tasting.

4. Strawapple Mojito (Rs. 115)

A perfect summer pick with tastes of both fruits that will keep you drooling and hydrated. This amazing duo is sure to keep your taste buds delighted for a long time.

Over all, ChewBao is a must visit place for its delicious items on its menu, which are a tottal worth for money and of great taste and quality.

Address – D-34, Kailash Industrial Complex, Hiranandani Link Road, Behind Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Vikhroli, Mumbai.

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