5G and answering the top 5 Questions everyone has about it

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5G stands for fifth generation which is the latest, fastest and one of the most anticipated wireless technology. Ever since it’s test runs in countries such as South Korea, China, and the United States it has been creating buzz all over the world. The launch of 5G is going to bring a revolution int the way we use technology, Much to this anticipation people are filled with questions regarding it, and here we are attempting to answer top 5 of those-

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  1. How will 5G work?

5G will work on multiple MIMO i.e. Multiple Input, Multiple Output antennas which will be efficient enough to send and receive huge amounts of data and connections simultaneously. 5G is designed to do a variety of things including giving us faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices. 

The expectations of 5G - The Digital Transformation People

2. Is 5G different from 4G?

5G is expected to be nearly 100 times faster than 4G! This is  possible because most 5G networks are built on super-high-frequency airwaves, also known as high-band spectrum. The higher frequencies can transmit much more data, much faster than on 4G. 
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3. Are 5G sims and devices different?
Yes. To avail 5G you will have to upgrade your sim. You cannot access 5G from sims of a lower connectivity. By now, most telecom operators  have revealed their rates to upgrade and few are offering it for free as well. You can access 5G using 3G and 4G devices. But you cannot avail of the ultrahigh speed of 5G networks without using a 5G device.
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4. Can 5g replace broadband?
Theoretically, yes. 5G is supposed to have the speed of 10kbps but at times it’s low could go as down as 200Mbps. So for it to replace broadband all together could be a over statement. But it is also important to note that the super fast speed of 5G will have more completely reliable users who may even plan to switch from broadband to 5G forever.
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5. When will 5G launch in India?

The most anticipated question of all times! India is looking up to have 5G as soon as possible and Relaince Jio has even said that the plans to deploy 5G would come into action in 2021. The upcoming year can surely be something huge to look up in terms of technological developments.
With that, I am concluding this blog, if you have any more questions, suggestions, opinions regarding 5G please let us know in the comments below.

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