7 free tools for Facebook Marketing

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You are here because you are in search of free tools for facebook marketing.

Facebook is one of the most used social media these days. The popularity of Facebook and the ever so increasing user base of Facebook makes it a great platform to promote your brand on. Facebook has also launched tools which help marketing easier and systematic. It also enables brands to choose and promote their brand to specific category of audiences based on their geographic location, age group, choices and preferences, purchase habits and much more. Along with the paid ones, there are also some unpaid smart ways of advertising on Facebook and here are 7 ways in which brands can connect easily with their audiences using simple tricks on Facebook. So here I am going to share with you 7 free tools for Facebook Marketing .

free tools for facebook marketing

  1.  Boost Post-

    Whenever you post on Facebook, it enables admins to promote it to wider audience of a set category. The promotions of the said boost post starts up from as cheap as rupees 70. Making it super affordable for companies with a low marketing budget.

    *Boost post option*
  2. Newsfeed website ads-

    These are one-click mechanism ads which directs users to the company’s website. These are used for promoting products, offers, limited time discounts, etc. These aim to ease the customer’s effort in searching for the product by directly landing them on the desired page.

    *Example of a sponsored post on newsfeed*
  1. Mid-Roll Video Ads-

    Recently, Facebook is seen to be promoting video based content more than general post based. So long videos have potential to add in advertisements in the center  or the start of the video, just like YouTube. Users view those ads in anticipation of the video thus giving recognition to the brand being advertised.                               

  2. Story Ads-

    Whenever we are viewing stories of our friends or peers, very smartly and strategically ads are placed in a vertical format. These are of duration of 10 seconds and usually have a swipe up link to the website or page.                                                            https://images.app.goo.gl/CKk3PzumRg4pAZRL7

  3. Hyper-local marketplace ads-

    The Facebook marketplace is a virtual spot where multiple buyers and seller come together and this makes it a perfect opportunity to pitch in a hyperlocal service or a brand as the listings are based on distance.                          https://images.app.goo.gl/R856HxYjz2BYeGe26

  4. Trendy Hashtags-

    Using hashtags on post related to current affairs, popular news developments and trendy topics in general can be used to advertise your content. Amul, Parle-G and many other brands have adapted to this technique to grasp attention of the users.

  5. Regular Infographic Posts-

    The saying is absolutely true that you can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything, so it is essentially very important to keep your customers updated regarding offers, discounts, etc. A good infographic post will help you do that as it would also drive in more traffic to your website.

    *Example of an infographic*

Apart from all the above mentioned tools, one very important tool is ‘Analytics’ which helps you to analyse how well a post has done, exact number of audience it has reached and what action have the audiences taken from the post seen. This gives us much more clarity about the preferences of the audience and helps procure better content.

*Example of analytics*

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