Best Paneer Dishes in Mumbai

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Ever wondered about the 10 best paneer dishes in mumbai to drool for?

Paneer is the heart and soul of the vegetarian foodies. it is also one of the most popular and beloved dish in the Indian cuisine. We tried many paneer dishes, so you won’t have to try them all. This post will give you #foodgoals, so do try these dishes as soon as possible.Let me present to you some of the best paneer dishes in Mumbai, to celebrate the love for paneer! Let us find out best paneer dishes in Mumbai.

1) Paneer Tikka – Ganga Vihar,Matunga.

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram (@foodiefrombombay)

Paneer tikka is one of the best starters and this restaurant knows to ace its taste in the best way possible. This dish from the local restaurant of Matunga is a must try.

Price: Rs.180/-

2) Paneer Tandoori Tikka

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@sublize_foodholic)

A tasty twist to the normal starter making the paneer taste just better is the tandoori tikka.
My personal favourite, and I haven’t mentioned a place for this because not trying this wherever you can get it is a sin.

Price: Around Rs.200/- at most places.

3) Paneer Pav Bhaji – Health Juice Centre,Mulund.

best paneer dishes in Mumbai
Source: Instagram(@healthjuicemulund)

Pav bhaji? Yes! Paneer? Yess! Paneer Pav Bhaji? Yes Yes Yesssss!! What are you even waiting for? This was the best Paneer Pav Bhaji I have ever had.


4) Paneer Vegorama Pizza – Pizza Hut,All Mumbai Outlets

Paneer + Pizza = Double happiness! Though you will get paneer pizzas everywhere and many are close to beating this, this one still takes the lead in my book.

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@foodiefrombombay)

Price:Starts from Rs.265/- onwards.

5) Paneer Tandoori Pizza – Pizza Hut,All Mumbai Outlets

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@foodiefrombombay)

What can be better than having amazing roasted paneer along with the goodness of other veggies right on top of a cheesy crust?

Price:Starts from Rs.230/- onwards

6) Paneer Maharaja – Ganga vihar,Matunga

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@foodiefrombombay)

Bored with your usual makhanwala and handi? Here’s a new dish you could give a try!


7) Cheesy Paneer wrap – Cafe 2.0,Matunga

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@cafe2.0)

What can even be better than the combination of cheese and paneer?? This wrap with melting soft paneer in the mouth can give the best of the wraps a run for their money.

8)Paneer Shanghai – Red Olives,Powai

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@bombaibites)

This wonderful dish is a mix of both amazing cuisines – Indian and Continental. Absolutely a worth try! After all, we are talking about the best paneer dishes in Mumbai,right?

Price:Around Rs. 350/-

9) Barbeque Pepper Paneer – Theobroma Patisserie,Bandra

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@werecommend)

This dish is something what can turn any non paneer lover into a crazy paneer admirer!

Price: Rs.210/-

10) Paneer Tikka Masala Bao – Mojo’s Bistro,Kamla Mills

best paneer dishes in mumbai
Source: Instagram(@x.eatsleepdrinkrepeat.x)

And here is the last but of course not the least amazing dish from our recomendation! And did I forget to mention that this is the most exotic of the list.

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  1. OMG! These dishes look delicious! I’m a vegetarian and I always find wonderful dishes at Indian restaurants here in California. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to travel to India but I’ll check out the recipes and try to recreate some here.

  2. Everything here looks amazing! I feel I haven’t explore enough of Indian food yet! Cant wait to visit Mumbai one day and try it all 🙂

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