Toblerone in Bern

Some remarkable Switzerland facts

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Here are some awesome Switzerland facts for you:

  • The teachers of Switzerland are one of the richest teachers on the earth with an annual salary of $112000 as on 2010.
  • Inspite of being in the European Union, Switzerland is one of the few countries to have its own currency- namely, Swiss Francs.
    swiss francs

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  • Men in Switzerland have to undergo compulsory military training after which they are required to keep the firearms issued to them at home. This is to prevent break-ins and to mobilize the army in a situation of national threat.
  • Switzerland is one of the few European countries that still lag behind in gender equality. Women are under-represented in social and political walks of life.
  • There is no President in Switzerland, instead there is a Federal Council of 7 members which acts as the Government and every year, they elect one of them as the Head of the Council.
  • In Switzerland, the Below Poverty Line(BPL) means that a person who cannot afford to buy a beer/wine daily. How cool is that?
  • They make 7 Billion chunks of Toblerone each year, all in Bern (the capital of Switzerland).

Toblerone in Bern

  • The landscape here ranges fromĀ 643 feet above sea level in Ascona. While on the other hand, it is 15,199 feet above sea level in The Dufour Peak and both are just 43 miles apart.

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  • In case of an accident, helicopters come to your rescue to airlift you (That’s the dream, ain’t it?).
  • Switzerland is the country where you can find the true meaning of democracy. Any normal citizen can propose a legislation and he has to get 1,00,000 signs. After that, they put it to a nation-wide vote. It is usually on Sundays, so as to prevent a weekday from getting wasted.

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