Trends during the Lockdown

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Trends during the Lockdown which made staying home a little bit fun!

Lockdown had made all of us halt our fast paced life and take some time out for ourselves and our family to stay home safely and fight the pandemic. The times were difficult for most of us as our routines were ripped apart and we had to adjust to a ‘new’ normal. But, here are few trends which made staying home a little more fun. These trends saw light on social media and millions of people engaged themselves in it, spreading smiles, passing time and connecting each other.

  1. Online Games

    – Mobile games such as Ludo, House Party, Tambola, PUBG, etc saw a huge rise in the downloads as people decided to splurge all of their free time on gaming. In fact, the video game application Ludo King was one of the most downloaded application. It had 9.5 million downloads and a surge of 142%. The numbers proved that users were definitely hooked to the game!
    Ludo King
  2. Easy Recipes

    – The very popular Dalgona Coffee, different varieties of easy mug cakes, several Indian desserts and easy to make Pastas were all over social media. Many ‘lockdown’ chefs had also started selling bakery and other homemade items online. They also made commercial use of their talent of cooking.
    Dalgona Coffee
  3. Social Media Challenges

    – Instagram and Facebook were flooded with challenges to post pictures of a particular type. The popular ones were #BlackandWhiteChallenge , #ThrowbackChallenge, #MaskItUpChallenge , #SareeChallenge , #HomeWorkoutChallenge amongst many more.

  4. OTT Platforms

    – Movie theatre being closed, people resorted to watching their favourite movies on small screens and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, etc welcomed users with a wide range of original content from different genres. People loved binge watching content and were hooked on to the unexplored genres of entertainment.

  5. Short Video Apps

    – Video of short duration (up to 30 seconds) saw a huge rise in viewership. One of the most popular among the lot was TikTok, prior to being banned in India; the app saw a huge influx in new downloads during the lockdown. Along with it, Vmate, Instagram Reels, Sharechat and many others also saw a high user influx.

Which among of these trends during the lockdown did you indulge most into? Are there any which I missed? Do let me know in the comments below! Thanks a lot for reading 🙂


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