Will Lionel Messi actually be jailed?

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lionel messiThe court has sentenced Lionel Messi  to a jail-term of 21 months and fined €2 million over tax charges today.
A Spanish Court found the 29-year-old star along with his father Jorge guilty of tax frauds three times over different periods. The court also ordered lionel Messi’s father to pay a fine of €1.5 million.

But is the father-son duo likely to go to jail?
The Spanish Court in its statement has kept the option of appealing the European country’s Supreme Court open for the Argentina striker and his father.
As per the Spanish law, they can serve the prison sentence as probation period. It is because the sentence is less than or equal to 2 years.

Technically,probation is a period of supervision over an offender for his offence. The court orders this period of supervision instead of serving time in prison.

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